Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Courtney Wade Presents Her Study on Ohio Prehistoric Artifacts

With faculty sponsors Dr. Dolly Crawford and Dr. Nigel Brush, geology major Courtney Wade will give an oral presentation of her project "GIS to Model the Distribution of Archeological Artifacts as a Function of Environmental Variation in Ohio" at the April 11, 3:15 p.m. session in the Convocation Center's Trustees Room. 

As described in her research abstract, "Flint projectile points are tools that Prehistoric American Indians used near their campsites. These artifacts were made using techniques unique to the Holocene time periods known as Thebes and Dovetail. Many artifact locations are known in Ohio, but little is known about the correlation between artifact manufacture and environmental conditions present at the time. A geographical information system (GIS) was used to map locations of projectile points and to create estimates of artifact densities. Results suggest that the location of Holocene communities in Ohio were strongly influenced by the climate. These results can help to provide additional insight into movement patterns of human settlements in Ohio during this time."

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