Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Presenter Profile: Lauren Goossens

Lauren Goossens (Psychology) has presented twice at URCA.  In 2011, Lauren was part of a group of students that presented "Weight Changes in First-Semester University Students" as a poster.  In 2012, Lauren and colleagues presented "The Influence of Context and Color on Memory" as an oral presentation.
Here's what Lauren has to say about her experiences with URCA:
"My sophomore year, we worked on a project titled "Weight Changes in First-Semester University Students," and I presented this research at the URCA symposium with Niki Valentine and Jessie Bates.  URCA was an excellent way to gain experience in how to prepare for presenting research, as well as how to actually present research while at a conference.  We did a poster session, and this gave us a chance to interact with our professors and fellow students and explain our research.  URCA also helped prepare us to do a poster session at the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) conference in Chicago sophomore year.
"Junior year, I was in PSYC 310, the Advanced Research Methods course.  Rachel Carson, Sarah Guarino, and I designed and conducted a study titled, "The Influence of Context and Color on Memory," and we presented this research first at the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) conference in Pittsburgh.  We presented a poster session, which we were comfortable with since we had all presented a poster previously.  Then, for the URCA symposium, we decided to do an oral presentation.  Although we were nervous at first since we had not done an oral presentation before, once we got up onto the stage, we did fine and had a great experience.  We practiced our presentation beforehand and were comfortable with our material, and the presentation could not have gone better.  This gave us the information and practice we needed with giving oral presentations, and we now feel that we are prepared to continue to give other oral presentations, as well as poster presentations in the future." 

Poster Pointers #1


#1: Choose images over text whenever possible. Your audience will be drawn in by clear graphs, instructive photographs, and straight-to-the-point tables.

Participants Discuss the URCA Symposium

Students and faculty members who participated in the 2011 URCA Symposium shared their thoughts about the experience in this video, produced by members of Ashland University's Department of Journalism and Digital Media.

What is URCA?

URCA stands for "Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity." 
URCA was established in 2009 by Dean Dawn Weber to support the scholarly work of students in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ashland University.  URCA is involved in promoting collaboration between faculty and students in projects that go beyond the walls of the classroom.

Rachel Carson and Kayla Hoover present
their research during a poster session at
the 2011 URCA Symposium

URCA's banner event is the annual URCA Symposium, held each spring.  The Symposium provides Ashland University students from across the College of Arts and Sciences a forum to share their work with peers, professors, and members of the community.  The Symposium showcases the wide range of scholarly experiences available in the College, as participants present projects from the fine arts, the humanites, the social sciences, and the natural sciences.