Monday, April 4, 2016

Psychology's Bryce McClish Reveals Study Results

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Psychology major Bryce McClish (sponsored by Dr. Curt Ickes, Associate Professor of Psychology and Dr. Christopher R. Chartier, Assistant Professor of Psychology) conducted a study titled Factors Influencing the College Choice of First-Year College Students. At the 11:45 a.m. URCA poster/exhibition session in the Alumni Room of the Convocation Center on April 12, he will reveal his results which: "indicate that the three factors most influencing choice were as follows: availability of major (= 4.61, SD = .72), scholarship opportunities (= 4.19, SD = 1.06) and cost of tuition (= 4.12, SD = .95). Least influential characteristics were: number of faculty publications (= 2.22, SD = .95), skill of athletic teams (= 2.41, SD = 1.48) and the institution’s core curriculum (M = 3.12, SD = 1.05)."

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